Who is Josh Stinson?

September 4, 2012

Brewers recalled Stinson, three others

By Jason Arndt
Brewers Farm Report

Huntsville Stars’ pitcher Josh Stinson ended the season tied for second with 11 wins
among Southern League pitchers and had an ERA of 3.16.

It would appear he would be among the Brewers’ top prospects in the system by the looks of these numbers. But there is more to be known about him, including the reason he is with the Brewers.

Stinson was drafted out of high school in the 37th round by the Mets in 2006 and was faced with a long and winding journey to the Majors.

Scouts tagged Stinson as a reliever when he began his career in 2006 due to having a below average fastball that was successful in the lower levels of the minor league system. However, he has improved on it and reports from 2011 indicated he is a hard thrower.

It took Stinson four seasons to make it to the Double A level and suffered bumps along the way including a 2007 campaign with the Savannah Sand Gnats where he went 3-11 with a 4.16 earned run average. Through this journey, player development officials with the Mets still had the lingering question of whether he is fit to be a reliever or starter.

Stinson has had the most success at the Double A Level where he has started the most career games with 40 starts, keep in mind he made 48 other relief appearances at this level. In his time in Double A he posted 24-15 record with an ERA of 3.68.

Despite these numbers, some observers have noted hitters typically “figure him out” by the second go-around in the order. Scouts indicated he is a groundball pitcher, and that has led to high WHIP percentages through his career. In his 17 career Triple A starts, he has 5-9 record with a WHIP of 1.561 and an Earned Run Average of 5.92.

Prior to the 2012 season, the Mets were faced with the dilemma of deciding whether to keep him on the 40-man roster or risk losing him on waivers.

Due to the limited success he had at the Triple A level and his short appearance in New York at the end of the 2011 season, the Mets took that risk. And the Brewers placed a claim on him.

Stinson has two upsides to him as he returns to the Majors today – he is still relatively young at 24 and has one Minor League option remaining.

Brewers will give him a long leash by giving him another season in the minors for 2013 season, most likely in Triple A Nashville. His appearance with Milwaukee will be crucial in answering the question:

Reliever or starter? It all depends on what the Brewers plan to do with him during his second stint in the Majors. They will definitely give him a shot at starting a game or two.

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