Richardson makes return to baseball

By Jason Arndtmanatees
Brewers Farm Report



For several years Brevard County’s D’Vontray Richardson was torn between playing football and baseball at Florida State University.

Despite commendations for his outstanding athleticism and potential as a professional baseball player, he spent years attempting to pull the “two-sport star” feat – and sometimes wanting to give up baseball entirely.

Milwaukee drafted Richardson, now 25, with the fifth round selection in 2009, three years after not signing with the Washington Nationals when they drafted him in the 35th round.

When Florida State University offered him the opportunity to play both baseball and football, he opted not to sign with the Nationals.

Richardson lost his 2012 season with the Brewers’ organization after refusing to report to camp and conveyed having “second thoughts” about playing baseball.

D'Vontrey Richardson with Florida State University

D’Vontrey Richardson with Florida State University

The 6’1″ former backup quarterback for the Florida State Seminoles continued to have baseball knocking on his door, but Richardson had difficulty answering the call.

He entered the 2012 season rated as the Milwaukee Brewers’ 20th best prospect in the system and was touted as a potential “five-tool guy” by his college baseball coach in 2009.

Milwaukee remained open to his return to the organization after his year-long hiatus and went through a tune-up with the Arizona League Brewers to start the 2013 season.

Brewers’ officials initially indicated he left the game for “personal reasons” and was later confirmed the outfielder had the ultimate goal of wanting to complete his college degree.

Upon his completion of the college degree in physical education, he had the desire to become a coach.

Richardson posted a .292 average with seven hits and three runs scored with the Arizona Brewers before making his return to Brevard County where he presently is riding a 13-game hitting streak.

Through the duration of his hitting streak he is batting .431 and has four 3-hit games, four 2-hit games, and five 1-hit games.

In 26 games for the Manatees, Richardson has stolen eight bases with three doubles and eight runs scored.

The quick return should not come as surprise, as the outfielder had a similar reaction when he stashed his glove away in college and returned from long layoff.

According to an article published by the Tampa Bay Times in 2009, the FSU baseball coach had this to say:

“The biggest surprise I’ve seen thus far is, he’s been out of the game for a year and a half and yet he seems to be much improved from when he left here as a freshman,” Martin said. “This is a guy who really looks polished. Certainly, he’s not shiny, but the polish is on there and we’re ready to wipe it off. He just needs to play.”

Richardson was faced with many baseball distractions early on when the Washington Nationals drafted him in the 35th round in 2006 but decided to attend Florida State where he was promised to play both baseball and football.

In the 2009 article, Richardson was touted as a potential first round selection but his stocked may have dropped when there were whispers he had doubts about focusing solely on baseball.

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