WKRN: $80M Nashville Sounds stadium proposed for Sulphur Dell

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New stadiums are the selling point for teams even in the Minor Leagues and after several years of pressure by the Milwaukee Brewers – its Triple A affiliate might be pushing for a new stadium.

Milwaukee extended its Player Development Agreement with the Sounds following the 2012 season due to no other partnership options for the parent club.

When the agreement was announced, Brewers’ General Manager Doug Melvin essentially stated the team was “stuck” with Nashville after the club has pressured the Sounds to build a new stadium.

Herschel Greer Stadium; Nashville, Tennessee

Herschel Greer Stadium; Nashville, Tennessee

Greer Stadium has been part of the Nashville community since it opened in 1978 and was intended for short term use of less than 30 years.

Many travelers venturing out to Nashville note the unique guitar-shaped scoreboard in the left-center field.

Timing of the stadium proposal could not have been better and could encourage Milwaukee to extend its agreement following the 2014 season.

WKRN of Nashville reported the news last week:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Nashville Mayor Karl Dean wants to build an $80 million ballpark for the Nashville Sounds downtown and says the old Sulphur Dell site makes the most sense from an economical and historical standpoint.

Located on Jackson Street, east of the Bicentennial Mall between Fourth and Fifth avenues, the site is the original home of Nashville’s minor league team.

The ballpark was built in 1870 and used for nearly 100 years until 1963.  It was eventually demolished in 1969.

The proposed project breaks down into $40 million for the ballpark, $10 million for a parking garage and $30 million for residential development.

In a news conference Friday morning, Mayor Dean said if his administration builds a stadium, it’ll be at Sulphur Dell because the location makes the most sense for taxpayers.

Details of the financing plan weren’t released but the mayor said of all the sites that were studied, Sulphur Dell is the only one that is “economically feasible” and in his opinion, the site that would generate the “biggest economic impact.”

He also cited the history of Sulphur Dell, saying, “When you consider its significance in the history of north Nashville and the all-American sport of baseball, I can’t imagine a more meaningful location to give Minor League ball a new home and generate new development along Jefferson Street.”

Mayor Dean said the Sounds are happy with the proposed location and have been “extremely cooperative.”

Sounds General Manager Brad Tammen told News 2 they are excited about the opportunity yet cautiously optimistic after plans for a downtown ballpark blew up in a big way a few years ago.

“We think with the tremendous growth in the Sulphur Dell area, that it is the next ‘Gulch’, and we’re real excited about the opportunities that are coming forward down there,” Tammen explained.

He added that a ballpark being built in El Paso, Texas is the best parallel to the proposal for a new stadium in Nashville.

In his news conference Friday, the mayor reiterated a statement from his office earlier this week that the plan is a work in progress.

“I can’t stress this enough, we are still early in this process,” he said.

While the hope is that the ballpark would open in time for the 2015 season,
Dean, citing a complicated process involving both local and state government, said there is no “hard timeline.”

Dean said neighborhoods around Sulphur Dell site have been supportive thus far.  Metro Councilman At Large Jerry Maynard said he believes a new Sounds stadium would benefit the area.

“We have a lot of private investors going to do housing, commercial development, mixed use development and it’s going to bring a spark to the area that we need, north of downtown and south of Jefferson Street. That’s exactly what we need,” Maynard said.

Thursday, Tennessee Governor Bill Haslam said his administration would be willing to do a “land swap” with the city to acquire the land.

Haslam added, “We think the idea is very interesting. I think it’s very preliminary as well, but if it’s something we can do a partnership with them on, we will try to do that but there [are] a whole lot of steps between here and there.”

If new stadium is built, Dean said the Sounds’ current ballpark, Greer Stadium, which is part of the Metro parks system, will be used in someway.

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