Sounds will be turned up in 2014

brewersBy Jason Arndt
Brewers Farm Report

Excitement will rage on as the Nashville Sounds prepare for its final season at an aging Herschel Greer Stadium in 2014.

Following the approval of a $150 million new stadium in Nashville’s Sulphur Dell area, which will be shared funding between public and private contributions – it is the answer fans of Nashville have awaited for more than a decade of struggles and failed stadium plans.

It also was the answer Milwaukee needed as the Major League club enters the final year of a two-year Player Development Contract with the Triple A Pacific Coast League team.

Sounds-logoMilwaukee conveyed its impatience with Nashville due to Herschel Greer Stadium and was the source of conflict after its PDC expired in 2013.

The Brewers attempted to seek a partnership with a different Triple A affiliate but due to process of elimination – Milwaukee was “stuck” with Nashville.

Consequently, Milwaukee made it known to Nashville the team will need to seek a rapid solution to replace Greer Stadium.

Tennessee and Nashville officials stepped up to the plate and came forward with a plan to make the Sounds’ new stadium as the main hub of a new downtown redevelopment effort for the City of Nashville.

Groundbreaking Projection

Aerial image artist rendering of the sight of a new Nashville Sounds stadium.

Aerial image artist rendering of the sight of a new Nashville Sounds stadium.

Reports from Nashville indicate the team plans to break ground for the stadium in January 2014 and anticipate it will open by the Opening Day 2015.

The Sounds are offering season ticket vouchers to fans during the Holiday Season indicating to fans it is the best option on securing the best seats for the inaugural season, according to a Press Release issued by the team:

“The energy from fans surrounding the new ballpark has us excited about the future of Sounds baseball,” said Sounds General Manager Brad Tammen. “There are still eight days remaining this holiday shopping season and we are pleased to provide fans a unique gift giving opportunity that the whole family can enjoy…seating at the Sounds new ballpark.

However, time will tell if Milwaukee decides to extend its agreement with the Sounds after a highly contentious negotiation session in 2013.

PDC Future

In order to see the future of the Brewers’ partnership with Nashville – one must take a glance at the history of both baseball clubs.

After Milwaukee was left without a Triple A team when the Indianapolis Indians jilted the Brewers in favor of working with the Pittsburgh Pirates – baseball officials needed to find a logical pair.

Indianapolis opted out after showing discontent with the Brewers organization in providing the International League squad with top quality prospects.

Both teams entered into a working agreement in 2005 and mutually agreed to continue the partnership through the 2014 season.

As Nashville opens the doors to the new stadium, other Major League clubs looking to find a new affiliate could step up.

And given the track record of Milwaukee’s stadium battle with Nashville, there are multiple reasons whether or not both teams will continue beyond 2014.


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