About the Founder

Jason Arndt is a freelance news reporter in Southeast Wisconsin covering government affairs and local community events with more than a decade of writing experience.

Prior to his freelance experience, he served as a news reporter/intern with the Chicago Sun-Times NewsGroup covering a diverse range of subjects including high school sports, cops and courts, human interest stories and health-related topics.

It was during his experience writing for the Lake County, Ill. bureau (Lake County News-Sun), he secured an exclusive interview with embattled Chicago Bears’ defensive lineman Tank Johnson. It was during the scandal he successfully became the first media member to arrive to the player’s residence where police raided it armed with a search warrant.

In addition, he had the opportunity to report on the Single A Midwest League Beloit Snappers during his time as a correspondent with the Beloit Daily News.

Aside from his Lake County and Beloit stint, he also was a freelance reporter for the Kenosha News.

His career began as a high school student in Racine, Wis. where he worked as a scoretaker and agate processor at the Racine Journal-Times.

From Jason Arndt’s professional portfolio:

My mission is to dig out all of the facts meaningful to the common person in your community and deliver it in a prompt and accurate matter.

I strive to not rest until all questions are answered and historically have followed every story until the closure of a crime news story, game and local arts event.
My investigative and insightful skills allows me the ability to quickly gather facts from any source regardless of how little information I am given.

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